Rock out With Rockfish

Ahoy, Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club members! As the weather improves and fishing conditions become more favorable, anticipation builds among anglers and seafood enthusiasts alike for rockfish season, which began April 1. Yes, rockfish season is here and it’s so easy! Get a basic rockfish jig, like the tried-and-true Promar Squirt  and a sinker and drop it to the bottom and wait for the rock star to eat it! Need tackle to try it? See us and we’ll provide to you.

Anglers taking part in rockfish season can expect to encounter a diverse range of species, including Vermilion, Yelloweye, Copper and Bocaccio. Pursuing these fish presents both challenges and rewards, adding to the excitement of the fishing experience. There is a change to regulations imposed on Vermillion rockfish this year – fishery managers have reduced the daily limit to just two per day in most areas.

Beyond the thrill of the catch, rockfish season fosters community engagement through various initiatives such as tournaments. Be sure to sign up for ours. Rockfish holds a special place in California's culinary landscape. Its firm texture and mild flavor make it a favorite ingredient in various dishes, including grilled preparations, fried delights and classic favorites like fish tacos. Overall, California's 2024 rockfish season promises adventure and culinary delights.

And remember, BCYC is shooting for SCYA Club of the Year, and angling is an important component. So, let’s go fishing!

Here are a few video links for your viewing pleasure:

2023 Rockfish Opener Southern California (Catch, Clean and Cook)

Fishing for Halibut in Southern California (CATCH, CLEAN and COOK)

Note: Don't forget to share your catch, smiles and stories with us! We're eager to feature your adventures in the next issue of The Masthead.

Angling, Lorie & Jim Buchanan