Big Winds – Be Prepared

Greetings from the BCYC marina, where all the boats are Bristol and all the captains are valiant! The season for big winds has arrived and we recently had a taste of them. I was in the marina Sunday night before the rain, and the winds were southerly and blowing a steady 17 knots with gusts to 22 knots. It was indeed lively and a few boats were in need of dock line adjustments. The winds by Tuesday evening had increased to a steady 23 knots with gusts to 27 knots and, although westerly, were powerful enough to blow open a few unlocked dock box lids. This puts unnecessary stress on the lid hinges, and we request that if you don’t already have a lock, please invest in one, or find another way to secure the lid.

Now would also be a good time to inspect your dock lines for chafing and wear – if frayed, consider replacing them. When the winds are southerly, we get plenty of surge in the marina and dock lines will stretch and can chafe on hawseholes or screw heads. I do my best to keep an eye on things for you, but everyone should make certain their dock lines are not worn and their boat is secure to the dock. With the exception of the end ties, every boat should have four-point mooring lines to prevent unnecessary wear on your fenders and gelcoat, as well as fore and aft spring lines to prevent your boat from moving back and forth in the slip, and possibly contacting the dock. Allow your dock and spring lines to take the strain of surge from wind and waves instead of your fenders and hull. It’s better for your boat’s nice finish.

Properly securing your dock line to the cleat isn’t difficult either. I have seen some very creative ways our marina tenants use to secure their boat’s lines to the dock cleats. A simple round turn around the cleat horns with a figure-eight locking loop is sufficient. There is no need for a bird’s nest of line wrapped multiple times around the cleat. Instead, try flemishing the leftover line, coiling it flat on the dock. It looks tidy and takes less time to unwrap when you, or I, need to adjust your lines. If you are uncertain how to do this, next time you see me walking the docks, I’ll be happy to help you.

Check that your hatches are properly dogged down and secured. I left one of my small hatches slightly open over the forward head and was surprised how much rainwater entered overnight. Canvass covers are another item to check for being secured. I have rescued a few Duffy covers that were half in the water and half on the dock. Last Christmas Eve, the wind flipped the large temporary canopy tent completely upside down on the east side of the clubhouse, taking out several of the portable heaters with it. The wind can be a powerfully destructive force if we don’t prepare for it. Next time you visit your boat, take a few minutes to check the security of your lines, covers and shore power cords. It will be time well spent.

Mark Jensen, Port Captain


There have been some very nice additions to the continuous facility upgrades at BCYC. You will notice that the bar stools in the Columbia Room are gradually being returned to service completely refurbished. This ongoing project will last for a couple of months, as the chairs are being done one at a time. The House Committee has also started preliminary discussions regarding upgrading the dressing area in the ladies’ main floor restroom. This upgrade would include new carpet, furniture, wallpaper and make-up area with special lighting. We are installing a cell phone holder in one of the bathroom stalls in this restroom – should you be lucky enough to find that stall, let the House Committee know how you liked it! This feedback will determine if we install this feature in the remaining stalls. The committee is also considering adding another teak bench in the shower area of the downstairs restroom, aimed at alleviating user congestion.

It has been a very successful year for adding lasting improvements to our club. All of them, big and small, move us forward in member satisfaction and enjoyment of our unique yacht club. When you see a committee member, thank them for their time and effort to continuously maintain and upgrade our special home on the water. Always remember that all members are encouraged to participate in our meetings, where great ideas and synergy take place.

Ted O'Connor, House & Grounds

2022 Was Great – Now Let’s Ring in 2023

The Activities Committee hopes that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your family/friends. December is a month filled with family and friends gatherings and I wish all a happy and safe Christmas and Hanukkah.

I would like to thank our awesome BCYC members for volunteering to help create the Coastal Holiday Wonderland at the club. I encourage our BCYC families to take pictures in front of our lovely Christmas decorations, one more keepsake for 2022. Sunday, Dec. 11, will be our annual Champagne Brunch with Santa, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Make sure to reserve your family’s spot before this sought-after event sells out. Children will be able to take their pictures with Santa and let him know what is on their Christmas wish list.

BCYC will celebrate the 114th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Dec. 14-18. December 18 is Family Night and dinner reservations are now available. New Year’s Eve will be BCYC’s last celebration of 2022. This year, the theme for our New Year’s Eve Party will be Casino Royale. There will be live entertainment all night long to help us ring in the new year, including a live band and casino tables (poker, roulette and blackjack). Please call the club by Wednesday, Dec. 28, to make your reservations for this party.

I would personally like to thank the BCYC staff for making 2022 another memorable year, especially General Manager Scott Jones, Controller Jamie Trinh, Events and Catering Manager Tasha Michalowski, Bar Manager Shawncy Little, Waterfront Manager Debbie Dunne, Junior Sailing Director Aubrey Mayer and Dale Rivas, accounts receivable. We are so lucky to have our dedicated staff.

The Activities Committee meets every second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. If you would like to join our committee in 2023, please contact Artesha Harvey at [email protected]

Artesha Harvey, Activities

Wonderful Generosity and Events

The holidays are the best time to reflect on our blessings and to find ways to make life better for those around us. I want to thank everyone for supporting the annual toy drive for our Marine families. The sleigh will be at the club, ready to be filled, through Dec. 11. If you'd prefer to make a cash donation, you may do that through the club office. Your generosity is so appreciated and your gifts will bring much happiness to the Marine children this holiday season.

Our Glamour de L'Ocean Fashion Show and Boutique was absolutely beautiful. Thanks to co-chairs Rebecca Corbin and Lisa Morris, and their committee, this was such a wonderful day! From the decor, to the DJ, the models and fashions, fun vendors and a delicious lunch, it was all about the details that made it so special.

Next up is our Merry Mania Holiday Luncheon Thursday, Dec. 8. With the help of Las Commodoras Past President Leslie Kazarian, we are so excited to bring this fun luncheon back! Mania is a cross between an auction, a raffle and bingo all wrapped up with tons of fun! Enjoy a delicious luncheon while bidding on wine, holiday items and so much more! You do not want to miss our last event of the year, so make your reservation today.

As we look to 2023, Las Commodoras will be led by Teri Leigh and her Board of Directors. Mark your calendars for our Welcome Cocktail Party Thursday, Jan. 19. More details will come in the near future!

Lastly, on behalf of myself and the 2022 Las Commodoras Board of Directors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing year. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to lead such a generous and dedicated group of ladies who truly care about preserving BCYC's reputation as the friendliest yacht club on the bay, and it has been my honor to serve as your president.

Wishing the happiest of holidays to you all!

Lori Curtin, Las Commodoras